10 Steps for a Smart Move and the Movement of Household Goods


1.  As soon as you get orders, make an appointment with your local transportation office (and take your spouse with you).


2.  Go to move.mil and set up your Defense Personal Property System (DPS) account.


3.  Schedule your move in DPS as soon as possible. Remember to build flexibility into the process. Know that you might have to move your date one day on either side of your selected date. Remember: don’t schedule travel on the same day you schedule your move!


4.  Create an inventory of your high-value items and take pictures of those items.


5. Plan to hand carry treasured items. Don’t let the movers pack your signed baseball or your grandmother’s wedding ring. Put everything you don’t want packed in a locked room or inside your car.


6.  Plan to hand carry important files (i.e. medical records, car titles, and insurance).


7.  Plan to hand carry your “first week” items: clothing, medicines, iPads, laptops, and toys your kids won’t want to be without!


8.  When your household goods are delivered, make note of any damaged or missing items and contact the local transportation office to assist in completing a claim with your mover.


9.  File your claim for lost and damaged items within 75 days of delivery.


10. Complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) online in DPS. It’s only 8 questions that will make the next move better for DOD Members and their Families.


Visit your local ACS Relocation Readiness office for more information on making a smart move.