US Army IMCOM Europe Entertainment Events and Programs

The Tournament of Plays (TOPPERs) Competition and Awards Show

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      For over 50 years, US Army Europe Entertainment has produced a Tournament of Plays for US Army and Air Force Theater programs across Europe. It is now known as the US Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Europe Tournament of Plays or simply the TOPPERs.

      The TOPPERs Awards Show and Ceremony is considered one of the premiere Army Family, Morale and Welfare region events of the year. 

The mission of the TOPPERs Awards is to:

  • To recognize outstanding achievement in the Entertainment field programs;
  • To provide educational and theater training to staff and volunteer participants;
  • To thank the thousands of soldiers, civilians and family members who provide hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours putting on live theater events in their overseas military communities.

      Over a six to eight week period, professional theater adjudicators attend live performances at US Army & Air Force theater programs in Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

     Following each performance, the adjudicators meet with the casts and crews to offer their objective comments on production successes as well as suggestions for improvements in future endeavors. In support of the TOPPERs educational goal, the adjudicators also offer free theater workshops in each community.  

      At the end of the adjudication period, the judges nominate individuals and shows for over 45 “Best” TOPPERs Awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievements in acting, singing, musicianship, directing, youth performance, Soldier performance, production and many others. 


      The nominations are announced and awards presented at the gala TOPPERS Awards Show and Ceremony held every April at a US Army Garrion in Germany.

       This formal, glittering, musical variety awards show is Army Entertainment's version of the "Tony" Awards. It is attend by over 500 Army Entertainment volunteers and staff; US Forces European Command Staffs; and region VIPs and celebrities.

       The awards are announced and presented by Army Leaders and VIPs as well as by celebrity video announcements from stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Nina Arianda, Ben Stiller, Harvey Fierstein, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Chris Pine, Kristin Chenoweth, Sean Hayes, Daniel Radcliffe and others.

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      This annual Army Europe Entertainment event has an important and lasting impact on US Servicemen & civilians, their families and local national citizens. The thousands of Entertainment volunteer's time and talents are honored and recognized publicly in an exciting venue.  

      The TOPPERs Award Show is a memorable event that enhances lives and the quality of life in the US Army overseas community.

      Follow the links below for results, photos and other information on past TOPPERs.

      NEW: The 2019 TOPPERs Awards Show will be held April 27, 2019 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Follow all the latest news and developments on with the links below.
For more information, contact:
Dane Winters, IMCOM Europe Entertainment Program Manager
Military DSN Tel: (314) 544-9656
Civilian Tel: +49 (0) 611-143-544-9656

2019 TOPPERs (April 27, 2019)

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The One Act/One Page Play Festivals and Theatre Skills Workshops

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         The US Army IMCOM Europe Entertainment One Act/One Page Play Festivals and Theatre Skills Workshops are held annually on Columbus Day Weekend.

          The mission of the Festival is to encourage individual and group excellence and participation throughout the Army and US Forces Europe community theatre programs.

           Importantly, the festivals and the Entertainment program enhance Soldiers' and their Family Members' resiliency and readiness by:

  • providing educational opportunities to enhance life skills;
  • offering positive and supportive recreational activities and events;
  • and offering them a "home away from home" and a sense of family.

          The weekend is full of free theater skills workshops presented by professional theater artists; a monologue competition; an improvisation evening and guest shows from International Theaters.       

          On even numbered years, the IMCOM Festival is an American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) One Act Play Festival.

          On odd numbered years, IMCOM Entertainment presents a One Page Play Festival and Theatre Skills Workshops.

          The festivals are open to all US military personnel, family members, DoD Civilians, and bona fide guests, stationed overseas. All events and performances are free to the general public.


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The 2018 One Act Play Festival & Theatre Skills Workshops 


For More Information contact:
Dane Winters
IMCOM Europe Entertainment Program Manager
Bldg 151. Room 143. Sembach Kaserne, Kaiserslautern, Germany
DSN: (314) 44-9656

Past US Army IMCOM Europe Entertainment Theatre Festivals

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THEATRIX - Army Entertainment's Costume Support Facility

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      THEATRIX is a Costume and Production Support Facility located on Franken Kaserne in Ansbach.
      This historic theater support facility contains over 100,000 costume pieces and is valued at over $1 million.
      The collection includes a large selection of set pieces and props required for producing hundreds of shows.
      Theatrix makes quality costumes and production materials available to US Army Europe Entertainment programs not available anywhere else and at affordable prices.
      THEATRIX also supports Air Force theater groups, US Military units and organizations, Department of Defense Schools, International Schools and private organizations. Rentals to individuals is also possible.


For More Information contact:

Civilian: +49 (0) 151-121-08389 or +49 (0) 174-5195497
Brian McGrail  -
Adam Sullivan -
"It's No Joke! Act Against Bullying" - an interactive Performance Workshop

It's_No_Joke_logo edited.jpg

"It’s No Joke! Act Against Bullying" is an original and unique Interactive Performance Theater Workshop developed by IMCOM Europe Entertainment and the Menagerie Theater Company, Cambridge England, with assistance from IMCOM Europe Child, Youth & School Age Services (CYSS.)

The purpose of this Army Entertainment program is to raise awareness of bullying among youth and expand US Army Entertainment’s service to communities._DSC1623.JPG

“It’s NO Joke! Act Against Bullying” was developed to empower an audience of young people to explore sensitive and difficult issues within a safe, supported framework.

The interactive workshop experience raises an audience’s awareness of bullying. It is designed to make them ask “What is bullying?” “What does it feel like to be bullied?” and “What does it feel like to be a bully?” It leads them to be more aware of how others make them feel and their own responsibility and power in affecting another person.

The workshop also helps young people explore and learn about strategies for dealing with intimidating behavior, what to do if they witness bullying and also how changes in friendship groups can be dealt with to reduce emotional stress.

“It’s No Joke!” is a detailed program of theater games, scripted material, interaction, improvisation and group discussion and problem solving.

At the workshop, young audience members are first engaged through a series of interactive theater games. They then watch a performance with a script written specifically for Army Entertainment. The play is performed by volunteer performKMC Onstage Cropped.jpgers from garrison theater programs.

Following the performance, in a lively discussion, the youth have the opportunity ask the characters in the play questions. The play is performed again, and the youth have the chance to redirect the action or even jump on the stage and become part of the play.

This gives the youth an opportunity to consider how their actions affect others and hopefully learn to take responsibility for their actions.

This workshop is available for presentation at all US Army Garrisons and communities in Germany and Italy. 

For more information contact:
Your Local Garrison Entertainment Director
Dane Winters
IMCOM Europe Entertainment Program Manager
DSN: 314-544-9656 or CIV: +49 (0) 611-143-544-9656
BOSS (Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers) Life Skills Workshops

US Army Europe Entertainment and the BOSS (Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers) are developing a series of workshops to provide BOSS Soldiers valuable Life Skills.

Life Skills workshops include Public Speaking, Presentation Styles, Communication Skills, Team Building, Problem Solving and others.

Contact your Garrison BOSS President or Entertainment Branch Director for more information.

Army Entertainment HQ European Tours

US Army Entertainment HQ offers US Army Garrisons and Units in Europe entertaining and educational programming with a series of Entertainment Tours throughout the year.


Latest Army Entertainment HQ European Tours

GIs_Powidz_4x6 (optimized).jpg

 (Recommended for mature audiences.)

GIs of Comedy Holiday in Europe 2018 Video Link

GIs of Comedy Tour Photo Gallery

FREE performances in Poland
  • 22 Dec at 12:30 - Powidz Auditorium, Poland
  • 22 Dec at 14:30 - MCE/Poznan DFAC, Poland
  • 24 Dec at 13:00 & 16:30 - BPTA, Poland
FREE performances in Germany
  • 27 Dec at 12:30, 15:30 & 18:30 - Camp Algier Rec Center, Bldg 2440, Grafenwoehr, Germany
  • 28 Dec at 20:00 - Katterbach Rec Center Annex, Ansbach, Germany

      The GIs of Comedy was created in 2010 by stand up comedian, producer and US Army combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient Thom Tran.
      The group is a professional comedic troupe of troops. Veterans of nearly every branch of the US military, and now professional touring stand up comics. Teams from the GIs of
Comedy have toured all over the world performing for deployed service members in
nearly two dozen different countries and over 40 U.S. CONUS military installations.
      The Winter 2018 Army Entertainment Holiday Tour will feature of GIs of Comedy Tour veterans, Jose Sarduy (USAF) and Key Lewis (USN).

       More information on the GIs of Comedy can be found at

Jose Sarduy (USAF)

Jose Sarduy splits up his time between flying to gigs all over the country and flying planes for the Air Force. A 21-year veteran of the US Air Force, Jose is still an active Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, an accomplished aviator and veteran of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Gathering material from a wealth of life experiences, Jose takes audiences on the
rollercoaster ride that’s been his life.

He’s been featured in the Air Force Times, was selected for as a finalist in the Seattle
Comedy Competition in 2009, and the Lucky 21. He currently hosts the hit NuVo TV
series “Standup & Deliver”. His comedy career started out in New York and Philadelphia,
getting on stage anytime he wasn’t serving. He performs all over the country now and is
rapidly becoming an audience favorite for his ability to make deportation, and life
threatening moments hysterical!

More information on Jose can be found at and

Key Lewis (US NAVY)

This Sacramento California born Navy Veteran is a high energy, improvisational,
storytelling, and multiple-personality nutcase! His love for the people and hunger for the
stage is his undying motivation.
His comedic stories about his interracial childhood, family, and unusual views on
relationships, make Key Lewis simply a joy to watch. His ability to improvise and interact
with all types of crowds makes this up and coming comic and actor one to look out for.
Key Lewis has appeared on Marlon Wayans TBS’s Funniest Wins, Starz Networks
StaannDup, Kevin Harts One Mic Stand as well as Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes!

More information about Key can be found at and




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The Country Music Association Songwriters Series
      Army Entertainment and MWR present the Country Music Association Songwriters Series live at the Vault Club and Casino. Enjoy four songwriters -- direct from Nashville -- performing their songs and telling the stories behind the songs. Featured artists include: Ashley Campbell, Chris DeStefano, Drake White and Charlie Worsham.     
      This US Army Entertainment series provides outstanding and educational MWR programming for Soliders and their Families deployed overseas.
      The CMA Songwriter Series is FREE to the public.


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The Celebrity Mind Over Matter Fitness Summit
21-23 August, 2018

Presented at US Military Sites in Poznan, Zagan, Powidz, Trzebien & Karliki, Poland

Produced by US Army Entertainment and Project Experience Gratitude.
UPDATE: Over 300 Soldiers participated in the Mind Over Matter Summit in seven locations in Poland.

MWR Page Pic Collage.jpg

     The Celebrity Mind Over Matter Fitness Summit is an educational and entertaining series to enhance military readiness and resiliency with new ways to overcome physical inactivity, sedentary behavior and unhealthy life choices.

     The team of professional guests included: Sheldon Bailey (professional baskeball player, actor and former military brat); Keyon Dooling (former NBA player), Melvin Ely (former NBA player), Reginald Roberson (former miltary member and founder of "Project Experience Gratitude") and Perris Turner (celebrity fitness trainer, Life Coach, author and former military member).

     Their presentations focused on improving military and personal life styles by addressing nutrition, proper sleep, regular exercise, healthy choices and living a balanced and intentional life. They also shared their life and professional experiences with Soldiers.

     The goal of the summit was to bring a deeper level of support to the entire U.S. military community, engaging them directly on the very issues that affect them.   

The US Army Entertainment Irving Berlin Award

Berlin.png    The Irving Berlin Trophy was established in 1956 by order of the Secretary of the Army.   

    This annual prestigious award recognizes the US Army Entertainment program worldwide which presented an exceptional level of music and theater productions, activities and services to the community’s Soldiers, Families, Civilians and Community Members.

Irving Berlin's Biography

US Army Irving Berlin Trophy Winners (incomplete)

2014: The Baumholder Hilltop Theater
2011: The Ansbach Terrace Theater
2010: The Heidelberg Roadside Theater
2009: SHAPE (Mons, Belgium) Performing Arts Center
2008: The Heidelberg Roadside Theater
2007: The Stuttgart Theater Center
2006: Fort Shafter (Hawaii) Community Theatre
2005: Fort Gordon (Georgia) Community Theatre
2004: The Stable Theater, Bamberg, Germany
2003: The Keller Theater, Giessen, Germany
2002: SHAPE Performing Arts Center
2001: The Heidelberg Roadside Theater
2000: The Ansbach Terrace Playhouse
1997: (3) Hanua Five Pfening Payhouse, Darmstadt Performing Arts Center and The Keller Theater, Giessen, Germany.
1996: The Stuttgart Theater Center
The James T. Martin Army Entertainment Award
James T. Martin was a long time Army Entertainment Staff Member and beloved colleague. Jim Martin v2.jpg
A former active duty Army member, after leaving his military service, Jim went on to work successfully in every aspect of the Army Entertainment program. Most notably he was Chief of the Costume and Technical Support Center in Aschaffenburg, Germany, which lives on as today's THEATRIX. Many costumes, backdrops and designs Jim created are in the collection and still used today.
Jim's greatest concern was caring for Soldiers and their Families by ensuring quality theater programming for them to not only see, but to participate in.
An annual award, established in his memory, honors individual excellence for a body of work in Army Entertainment.    

James T. Martin Entertainment Honorees

2017: Aaron Talley & Linda Dahlstrom, The Soldiers' Theater, Vicenza, Italy
2016: Tim Higdon, Entertainment HQ, San Antonio, TX
2015: Eric Danzeiser, The Hilltop Theater, Baumholder, Germany
2014: Jack Austin, The Stable Theater, Bamberg, Germany
2013: Jerry Brees, The Soldiers' Theater, Vicenza, Italy
2012: Dan LaMorte, SHAPE Performing Arts Center, Mons, Belgium
2011: (3) Charles Fontana, The Amelia Earhart Playhouse, Wiesbaden, Germany; Andrew Gilliam and Nick Credington, HQ Army Entertainment.
2010: Vanita Rea Smith, Chief Army Entertainment, Hawaii
2009: Dane Winters, The Roadside Theater, Heidelberg, Germany
2008: (2) Alan Buxkemper, The Stuttgart Theater Center, Germany and Jim Sohre, Chief Army Entertainment, Germany
2007: David Turner, The Keller Theater, Giessen, Germany
2006: Bonnie Daniels, The Soldiers' Theater, Vicenza, Italy
2005: Bill Hauserman, The Five Pfennig Playhouse, Hanau, Germany
2004: Not Awarded
2003: Victoria Hanrahan, The Terrace Playhouse, Ansbach, Germany
2002: Steve Walpert, Fort Gordon, Georgia
2001: Ross Daniels, The Soldiers' Theater, Vicenza, Italy
2000: John Mills, Camp Darby, Italy and Vilseck Germany
Armed Forces Entertainment Tours
For information on Armed Forces Entertainment Tours, contact:
Michele Bean
Europe Regional Manager
Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE)
DSN: 314-480-6361
US WORK CELL: +1(0)240-521-9704
GERMAN CELL: +49(0)151-7062-1816

For more information on region events and programs, contact:

Dane Winters
IMCOM Europe Entertainment Program Manager
DSN (314) 544-9656 or CIV +49(0)611-143-544-9656

US Army & Military Theater Programs in Europe

The Sigonella Players, Sigonella NAS, Sicily - NEW!

Sigonella Players Logo V1.gif

Sigonella Community Recreation Office
NAS 1 Midtown Building 157
Anne Connor - DSN 314-624-0502 or Civilian +390 955 0502
     The MWR Sigonella Players Community Theatre is a new MWR program set at the foot of Mount Etna on Sigonella Naval Station. The program provides Navy and Army Service Members, Civilians, Families and their Guests the opportunity to see and participate in quality theater programming.
The Ansbach Terrace Playhouse, USAG Ansbach


Bldg. 5091, Bleidorn Housing, Schliessierstrasse
Victoria Hanrahan
DSN 468-7636 or Civilian: +49(0)981-1837636

Website: Ansbach Terrace Playhouse
2016 Terrace Playhouse Video Trailer
2017 Terrace Playhouse Video Trailer
Terrace Playhouse Facebook Page
Photo Gallery
KMC Onstage, USAG Rheinland Pfalz/Kaiserslautern


Bldg. 3232, Kleber Kaserne
Eric Danzeiser
DSN 483-6626 or Civilian +49 (0) 631-411-6626

Website: Kaiserslautern KMC Onstage
2016 KMC Onstage Video Trailer
2017 KMC Onstage Video Trailer
KMC Onstage Facebook Page

KMC Onstage Photo Gallery

Garrison Photo Gallery with links to KMC Onstage Shows

Hilltop Theater, USAG Rheinland Pfalz/Baumholder


The USAG Rheinland Pfalz/Baumholder Hillltop Theater was closed in July 2017. The picture gallery and information will be maintained for historical purposes and to recognize the staff and volunteers who made the Hilltop Theater a success.

Hilltop Theater Video Trailer

Photo Gallery

Garmisch Players Community Theater, USAG Bavaria/Garmisch


Due to changes in the community, the Garmisch Players Community Theater no longer has a dedicated performance space or staff. Future plans for Entertainment programming in Garmisch are being discussed. Check here or contact the Gamisch F&MWR Community Manager for more information.

The Garmisch Players Photo Gallery will be maintained here for historical purposes.

Website: Garmisch Players Community Theater Photo Gallery

Graf Performing Arts Center, USAG Bavaria/Grafenwoehr


Bldg. 103, Gettysburg Avenue, Grafenwoehr
Mike Mendoza - Graf Community Recreation Director

Civilian +49 (0) 9641-705 269 060

Website: Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center
2016 GPAC Video Trailer 
2017 GPAC Video Trailer
GPAC Facebook Page

Photo Gallery

SHAPE Players Performing Arts Center, USAG SHAPE


Rue de Potomac, SHAPE, Belgium
Dan LaMorte
DSN 423-3312 or Civilian +32 (0) 6544-3312

Website: SHAPE Performing Arts Center

2016 SHAPE Video Trailer

2017 SHAPE Video Trailer

SHAPE Players Facebook Page

Photo Gallery

The Stuttgart Theatre Center, USAG Stuttgart

Stuttgart_Theater_Center.jpgBldg. 3320, Kelley Barracks
Alan Buxkemper
DSN 421-4704 or Civilian +49 (0) 711-729-4704

Website: Stuttgart Theatre Center
2016 STC Video Trailer
2017 STC Video Trailer
Stuttgart Theatre Center Facebook Page

Photo Gallery

The Soldiers' Theatre, USAG Italy/Vicenza


Caserma Carlo Ederle, Bldg 11
Via della Pace
36100 Vicenza, Italy
Jerry Brees
DSN 314-634-7281 or Civilian +39 (0) 345-600-3289
Website: Soldiers' Theatre Vicenza
2017 Soldiers' Theatre Video Trailer
Soldiers' Theatre Facebook Page

Photo Gallery

The Soldiers' Theater recently hosted the "West End Stage" Theatre Summer School from London. Here is the News Story.

The Amelia Earhart Playhouse, USAG Wiesbaden

Amelia Earhart Playhouse Logo.jpg39 Konrad Adenauer Ring
Nathan Records
DSN 548-9812 or Civilian +49 (0) 611-143-548-9812

Website: Amelia Earhart Playhouse

2016 Amelia Earhart Playhouse Video Trailer
2017 Amelia Earhart Playhouse Video Trailer
AEP Facebook Page

Photo Gallery

Aviano Community Theater, US Air Force Aviano Air Base


Aviano Air Base, Aviano, Italy
MSgt Trevor Birch - Board President
Michael Hanretty - Vice President
Katie Pawlik - Secretary
Ed Lipp - Treasurer
Shawna Hass - School Liaison

Website: Aviano Community Theater

2016 Aviano Community Theater Video Trailer

2017 Aviano Community Theater Video Trailer

Aviano Community Theater Facebook Page

Photo Gallery


Razz-Ma-Tazz Family Theater, US Air Force Ramstein Air Base

Razz New Logo.pngBonnie Masapollo - Community Center Director

DSN 480-2924 or Civilian +49 (0) 6371-47 2924

Website: The Razz-Ma-Tazz Family Theater

  2017 Razz-Ma-Tazz Video Trailer

Photo Gallery


The Alliance Players, Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum NATO Base

Alliance_Players.jpgJFC Brunssum NATO Base
Bldg. 405, Rimburgerweg 30
6445 PA Brunssum, Netherlands
Lisa Smale Pinaula: Board President

DSN 314-458-3343 or Civilian +45 (0) 245-199-3343


The Alliance Players Facebook Page

2017 Alliance Players Video Trailer

Photo Gallery