IMPORTANT UPDATE as of 12 March 20
Due to the current world health situation, the 2020 TOPPERs Adjudication and Workshops and the April 25th Awards Show have been postponed.
All remaining TOPPERs entries are being seen and adjudicated over the next several weeks.
The 2020 TOPPERs Awards will be announced and presented at the 2020 US Army One Act Play Festival and Youth Fest, Oct. 9-11, in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Check here for updates and the latest news.
We ask all our Army Entertainment staff and program volunteers to continue to support their communities; check here or with Garrison Staff for more information; and to stay safe and healthy. 
new-14.png      The 2020 US Army IMCOM Europe Entertainment Tournament of Plays (TOPPERs) is an annual theater competition celebrating outstanding achievement at US Army Europe Entertainment Theaters and US Military theater groups across Europe.
      The program also provides educational and mentoring opportunities for theater staff and volunteers.
       Lastly, the TOPPERs celebrates the Army program's Soldier, Civilian and Family Member volunteers and the hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours they give their communities putting on theater productions and making their communities better places to live.
      The 2020 TOPPERs adjudication will be held 6 February to 2 April, 2020. 19 shows from 10 Army, Air Force and Navy military communities from the Netherlands to Sicily will be adjudicated.
      Three professional adjudicators will attend 19 productions in 10 military communities offering their insights to casts and crews following each show. They will also present free workshops in acting, directing, auditioning, singing and other theater skills at participating theaters.
      The 60th annual TOPPERs Awards Show and Ceremony will be held on 25 April, 2020 at the Wiesbaden Fitness Center on Lucius D. Clay Kaserne in Wiesbaden, Germany.
      Over 50 "Best" Awards will recognize outstanding achievement in both performance and production.
NEW!  The 2020 TOPPERs Adjudication Team hits the road on Feb. 9 to begin the eight-week tour of US Army and Military Theaters and will see 19 productions. Follow all the latest news and developments on the Army Entertainment Facebook page. 
    The 2020 TOPPERs is possible in part by the generous support of our sponsors. (No endorsement implied)
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For more information, contact:
Dane Winters, IMCOM Europe Entertainment Program Manager
Military DSN Tel: (314) 544-9656
Civilian Tel: +49 (0) 611-143-544-9656
2020 TOPPERs Entries
The Amelia Earhart Playhouse. USAG Wiesbaden, Germany.
The SHAPE Performing Arts Center. USAG Benelux, Belgium.
KMC Onstage. USAG Rheinland Pfalz/Kaiserslautern, Germany.
The Stuttgart Theater Center. USAG Stuttgart, Germany.
The Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center. USAG Bavaria/Grafenwoehr, Germany.
The Ansbach Terrace Playhouse. USAG Ansbach, Germany.
The Soldiers' Theatre. USAG Italy/Vicenza, Italy.
Narnia, the Musical.
Brunssum Alliance Players. Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum NATO, Netherlands.
The Sigonella Players. Sigonella Naval Air Station, Sicily, Italy.
Contagious Laughter.
Adjudication Schedule
Adjudication Schedule (subject to change)

Sun, Feb. 9: KMC Onstage Studio Theatre. Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.

Thur, Feb. 13: SHAPE Performing Arts Center. Babes in Arms.

Fri, Feb 14: Wiesbaden's Amelia Earhart Playhouse. Blue Door.

Sat, Feb. 15: KMC Onstage Main Stage. Footloose.

Sun, Feb. 16: The Stuttgart Theatre Center.  Aesop’s Foibles.

Sat, Feb 22: Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center. Harvey.

Sat, Feb 29: The Sigonella Players. Contagious Laughter.  

Thur, Mar 5: Ansbach's Terrace Playhouse Youth Theater. Walt Disney’s Frozen, Jr.

Sat, Mar 7: Vicenza’s Soldiers’ Theatre. The Addam’s Family.

Thur, Mar 12: SHAPE Performing Arts Center. The Cherry Orchard.

Fr, Mar 13: Wiesbaden's Amelia Earhart Playhouse. Matilda the Musical.

Sat, Mar 14: Stuttgart Theater Center. The Hello Girls.

Sun, Mar 15: KMC Onstage Youth Theater. Dinosaurs Before Dark.

Thur, Mar 19: Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center Youth Theatre. Clue.

Fri, Mar 20: Ansbach's Terrace Playhouse. Silent Sky.

Sun, Mar 22: Aviano Community Theater. Narnia the Musical.  

Thur, Mar 26: The Brunssum Alliance Players. Clue.

Sat, Mar 28: Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.       

Sun, Mar 29: KMC Onstage Main Stage. Anatomy of a Murder. 

Theatre Skills Workshop Schedule

Theatre Skills Workshops 

     2020 TOPPERs Theatre Skills Workshops are FREE and are open the the public. Advanced registration is required. Contact your community Entertainment Director or Theatre Director for more information and registration.
Youth Workshops are for ages 12-18 years.
Acting workshops required a memorized monologue from a published script.
Vocal and Singing workshops require a prepared musical selection from a published musical and sheet music.

2020 Workshop Schedule (subject to change)

Feb. 10: KMC Onstage Main Stage. 1900 hrs. Acting for Adults & Acting for Youth 

Feb. 17: The Stuttgart Theatre Center. 1900 hrs. Character and Story in Song Adult Workshops.

Feb. 18: KMC Onstage. 1900 hrs. Vocal Production and Singing for Auditions Adult Workshops.

Feb. 23: Ansbach Terrace Playhouse. 1300-1700 hrs.                                                                                                                                   Improvization for Character Development Workshop;                                                                                                                   Diction & Projection for the Actor Workshop;                                                                                                                                 and Audition Monologues Workshop.

Mar. 1: The Sigonella Players. 1230-1330 hrs. Technical Theatre Production in a Small Space
                                                 1330-1500 hrs. Singing & Auditioning Workshop
                                                 1500-1630 hrs. Acting and Auditioning Workshop
                                                 1800-1900 hrs.  Public Speaking for Single Service Members (NAS II, Liberty Center)            

Mar. 10: KMC Onstage. 1900. Acting and Singing Workshop

Mar. 11: KMC Onstage Studio Theatre: 1900. Acting and Auditioning Workshop

Mar. 17: Wiesbaden's Amelia Earhart Playhouse. Vocal Workshop

Mar. 23: Aviano Community and School Theatre. 1500-1630 hrs. Youth Design & Tech and Theater Practices Workshop                                                                                        1800-2000 hrs. Adult Design & Tech and Theater Practices Workshop       

Mar. 26: The Brunssum Alliance Theatre. 1330 hrs: Youth Acting. The International SchoolWorkshop Flyer 2020-01.jpg

TOPPERs Workshop Flyer 8.5x11 -V1.jpg

TOPPERs Awards Show - 25 April, 2020
IMPORTANT UPDATE as of 12 March 20
Due to health travel restrictions, the 2020 TOPPERs Awards Show on April 25th has been cancelled.
Plans are also being made to present the awards at a later date to be announced.
Please check here and the 2020 TOPPERs Facebook Page for more information and developments.
We ask all our Army Entertainment staff and program volunteers to continue to support their communities; check here or with Garrison Staff for more information; and to stay safe and healthy. 
    The 60th annual TOPPERs Awards Show and Ceremony will be held on 25 April, 2020 at the Wiesbaden Fitness Center on Lucius D. Clay Kaserne in Wiesbaden, Germany.
     Over 50 "Best" Awards will recognize outstanding achievement during a music-filled, glittering, formal event.
     Advanced payment, reservations and optional meal selection are required and can be made through Garrison Entertainment Directors and Theater Directors beginning 1 March 2020.
Awards Show Schedule:
5 pm – Doors open and No-Host Cocktail Hour begins.
6 pm – Optional Gala Dinner Served
7 pm – Awards Show Begins
9:30 pm – Show ends
10 pm - After-Hours Party at Wiesbaden Entertainment Center, Hainerberg Kaserne (+18 yrs of age)
Event Address:
The Wiesbaden Fitness Center
Bldg 1631, Lucius D. Clay Kaserne
65205 Wiesbaden, Germany
TOPPERs Stage.jpg
Adjudicators & Workshop Leaders
Andrea Huber Pic.JPGAndrea Huber is an internationally renowned performer and director. A graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University, she is also an Irene Ryan National Acting Award Winner. As an opera singer and musical theatre performer, she has performed at the Krefeld-Moenchengladbach Opera House, the Graz Opera House, the Prague State Opera and many other major opera venues in Europe. She has also performed as an actress and singer in South Africa, Norway, Greece and the US. She recently appeared in Kiss of the Spiderwoman in Baden bei Wien in Austria and will present her one-woman Kurt Weill show in Graz, Austria in March 2020. As a director, Andrea will be directing The Marriage of Figaro for the Boston Opera Collaborative in Feb. 2020. She also directed Oliver! and Sweeney Todd at the former Roadside Theater in Heidelberg, where she also performed her one-woman cabaret shows to rave reviews. Andrea was an adjudicator and workshop leader for the 2015 and 2019 US Army One Page Play Festival.
Jonathon LamerJonathon Lamer headshot.jpeg has served as a TOPPERs Adjudicator and Workshop Leader since 2011. He is a Los Angeles based professional actor with a long list of credits. Originally from East Alton, Il., he has appeared in regional theaters in St. Louis, Massachusetts, Memphis and Little Rock as well as in theatres all over the greater Los Angeles area. He appeared in the HBO original films Soul of the Game, and Truman, as well as the independent features Lovely by Surprise and Night Sights. Commercial credits include PetSmart, Kroger’s and Amarillo National Bank. He is also featured in the latest print ad campaign for Walgreens Pharmacies. Jonathon has adjudicated theater festivals across California; is a member of Hollywood's Theatre of Note; and is a Respondent at the Lenaea Theatre Festival in Sacramento.


Dane Winters received his MFA in Acting and Directing from Trinity University at the Dallas Theatre Center. He has been a member of US Army Europe Entertainment for 33 years having served as Music Center Director in Bamberg, Germany (1986-88); Theater Center Director and Entertainment Director in Stuttgart, Germany (1988-2000) and Entertainment Director in Heidelberg, Germany (2000-2012). He is currently the IMCOM Europe Entertainment Program Manager located in Sembach, Germany. Dane has received numerous awards for his direction, set and lighting designs and innovative programming. He has been honored with the AACT David C. Bryant Outstanding Service Award; the US Army Entertainment James T. Martin Lifetime Service Award; and numerous Commanders’ Achievement and Civilian Service Medals. Dane’s programming and theatre direction has earned four US Army Entertainment Irving Berlin Awards.


Awards Categories
Make-up for Play and Musical
Hair Design
Lighting Design for a Play and Musical
Set Design for a Play and Musical
Sound Design for a Play and Musical
Costume Design for a Play and Musical
Stage Properties and Dressing for a Play and Musical
Stage Manager for a Play and Musical
Technical Director for a Play and Musical
Keyboard Player
Orchestra or Musical Accompaniment
Musical Director
Director of a Play
Director of a Musical
Chorus Member in a Play or a Musical
Chorus or Ensemble for a Play and Musical
Debut Performance
Military Actress in a Play and Musical
Military Actor in a Play and Musical
Youth Performance in a Play and Musical
Actress in a Featured Role in a Play and Musical
Actor in a Featured Role in a Play and Musical
Supporting Actress in a Play and Musical
Supporting Actor in a Play and Musical
Actress in a Play and Musical
Actor in a Play and Musical
Best Play
Best Musical
Best Family Show
SPECIAL AWARDS - as merited
Adjudicated Show Posters

The Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center

02 GR Harvey.jpg

KMC Onstage Youth Theatre, Kaiserslautern

KL KMC Onstage Dinosaur Before Dark 19-01.jpg

KMC Onstage Main Stage, Kaiserslautern

KL Anatomy of a Murder KMC Onstage poster.jpg

The Stuttgart Theatre Center

The Hello Girls A1 PRINT.jpg












The Stuttgart Theatre Center Youth Production

Aesop's Foibles A4 300dpi.jpg


KMC Onstage Studio Theater, Kaiserslautern

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.jpg


KMC Onstage Main Stage, Kaiserslautern

KL KMC Onstage Footloose Poster Dec 2019.jpg


The SHAPE Performing Arts Center

the cherry orchard new detailed.jpg


Wiesbaden's Amelia Earhart Playhouse


Wiesbaden's Amelia Earhart Playhouse

AEP Blue Door.jpg






The Sigonella Players













The Ansbach Terrace Playhouse. Silent Sky







SHAPE Performing Arts Center. Babes in Arms


Adjudicated Show Programs

KMC Onstage Main Stage, Kaiserslautern

Footloose Program_Page_1.jpgFootloose Program_Page_2.jpgFootloose Program_Page_3.jpgFootloose Program_Page_4.jpgFootloose Program_Page_5.jpgFootloose Program_Page_6.jpgFootloose Program_Page_7.jpgFootloose Program_Page_8.jpg


KMC Onstage Studio Theatre, Kaiserslautern

KMC Onstage 5 Women Program_Page_1.jpgKMC Onstage 5 Women Program_Page_2 B.jpg
KMC Onstage 5 Women Program_Page_3 B.jpgKMC Onstage 5 Women Program_Page_4 B.jpgKMC Onstage 5 Women Program_Page_5 B.jpgKMC Onstage 5 Women Program_Page_6 B.jpg


The Amelia Earhart Playhouse, Wiesbaden

BLUE DOOR_Page_1.jpgBLUE DOOR_Page_2.jpgBLUE DOOR_Page_3.jpgBLUE DOOR_Page_4.jpgBLUE DOOR_Page_5.jpgBLUE DOOR_Page_6.jpg


The Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center

Harvey Program_Page_1.jpgHarvey Program_Page_2.jpg


The Ansbach Terrace Playhouse

Frozen Progam_Page_1.jpgFrozen Progam_Page_2.jpgFrozen Progam_Page_3.jpgFrozen Progam_Page_4.jpgThe SHAPE Performing Arts Center Players

cherry program 1 - 4.jpgcherry-program 2-3.jpg

babes encore program1.4.jpgBabes-in arms encore-program 2-3.jpg

Official Photos, Video, Facebook Page & News Coverage
2020 Awards and Nominations

The 2020 TOPPERs Awards will be announced on 25 April 2020.

2020 Celebrity Presenter Announcements

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2020 Theater Video Trailers

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